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We're a DARING Music & media company
that want's to challenge the status quo in popular music.






the Problem...










While our competition spends thousands, if not millions of dollars in billboards and posters and other printed media, our main focus will be on digital advertising. Technology has made it easier and faster to market directly and more efficiently to consumers (fans) with social media advertising. Last couple of years I've been able to build and test a unique marketing funnel that has allowed me to not only build and doubled my fanbase and mailing list, but also has helped me to grow and build a small community around my music. I aim to make each customer/fan interaction as personal as possible, because I strongly believe that is the key to an engaged and long lasting relationship with our customers/fans. I believe that music is no different from any other product that is advertised directly to consumers on social media. With great quality products (music/content) and fun and engaging ad campaigns (we're artists creativity is on our side!) we'll build and grow easily and reach audiences not only in the United States, but Globally. 


Our main marketing funnel works this way: 

1* We advertise through Instagram/Facebook (and in the future Tik Tok) based on lookalike audiences from people who have interacted with our content with unique and creative video ads.

2* For every new follower and interaction Artist sends a PERSONALIZED voice message thanking them and sharing a hyperlink for them to follow and subscribe to a music profile (with a subscription rate of  82%).

This step is crucial because it allows us to make a direct connection with the consumer/fan. Our competition and other artists rely on automated messages that give little no engagement or response, and while it can be a lot of work, this process has showed me that people don't want to be just one more follower or a number, and by showing them and taking the time to connect directly they're most likely to continue as a fan/customer in a more deeper way.

3* To those who subscribe we send a personalized email with an extra song or download as a token of appreciation, aiming to keep them engaged and curious about more of our work.

4* We use this data and social media algorithm to optimize our campaigns with look-alike audiences to find new customers/fans and build upon that.


Our second marketing strategy is based on campaigns with social media influencers/creators. For the last year there has been a boom on video platforms like TIK TOK, Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts, which have proven to be a great way to market music. Partnering with creators is a great way to engage with new audiences as well as a great way to help our tracks chart and get pushed by algorithms to more people.

We want to partner with Songfluencer, a company that specializes in these campaigns. They have a proven record of success and understanding of these platforms and creators.

More of them here https://songfluencer.com/songfluencer-deck/



Our target audience are Millennials and GenZ, so we aim to create and produce CREATIVE digital campaigns that allow us to keep their attention so we can build communities around our artists, not just viral moments.

Lastly we want to make sure every dollar is well spent on our marketing, learn and optimize our digital direct to consumer campaigns , as well as our influencer campaigns. We don't want to spend money foolishly, like our competition does, we want to learn and improve with each campaign, so we can adapt faster to new marketing tools and technologies.



Over the last decade, the A&R process has come down to metrics and data (number of followers, likes etc.). Sadly our competitors based their talent search solely on systematic data and "analytics research" thus ending up with the same exact people, sound and potential.

Although I do know and understand the value of data and metrics, I believe it should inform, not dictate our decisions. I don't want to skip on great artists because they don't have enough followers, YouTube views or likes.


Having said that, here's how our evaluation process will be: 

*Our main focus is on raw unique talent, artistry and MUSICIANSHIP. We want artists that can at least play 1 instrument with high proficiency, write their own songs and can sing. We're genre agnostic but we do want artists to know and understand hooks and the commercial aspects of their music and artistry. 

*They need to have at least 3 releases on streaming platforms and performance experience.

*A solid sense of self, meaning, they know who they are, what they stand for, what they want and what they do.

*Ambition, we don't want hobbyists , we like big dreamers.

*Most importantly we look for hard working artists. This industry is not easy, and to get results a lot of hard work needs to be done. We value great work ethic and we truly believe that with hard work ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE, but we can only go as far as the artist is willing to do. 

Ultimately we aim to find and support deserving artists that not only align with our company's values and culture, but artists that we believe can challenge and create something different to what has become the standard in popular music. 

Now, how we plan to find and acquire artists. Over the years I've been able to grow my network within the industry, I've been featured and collaborated with CDbaby , the largest independent music distributor in the world, and as an ASCAP artist I'm able to connect and network with artists and industry members that usually share and recommend talent. I'm naturally curious and I love music , I'm always looking for new and different artists out there. Our bias is a bit stronger towards artists of underrepresented and underrated communities (LQBTQ+, POC, LatinX, Woman, AAPI etc.) But we'll definitely seek and be open to talent from any deserving artist regardless of its background. And now thanks to the internet and social media, finding talent is easier than ever.

As we grow we'll set up a dedicated A&R team that'll work to find, vet and acquire our roster. 



As I mentioned, MAXXIMAL is not just a music company, we're also a media production company. Our plan to scale and grow the business relies on investing and producing new and original media content, not only around our artists and their music but also unique creative ideas that we can monetize and get sponsorships from: podcasts, documentaries, short films, videoblog, masterclasses of our artists teaching how to play their songs, contests, the possibilities are endless.

We want to create BRAND RECOGNITION with our music, artists and with the original projects and content we'll create. By doing this our business will grow steadily and our revenue streams will expand as well as the opportunities to get bigger, better advertisers and sponsorships. That's why it is crucial that we focus and create unique music, projects and content that will make us a household name, not just one more music label. 



If you want to be part of this new adventure and help create a company that challenges, inspires and cares for good music, artists and fans, please don’t hesitate to reach out for further information and set up a call or a meeting. Regardless, thank you so much. Please never forget that with hard work and passion ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!